The core of our design philosophy is centred around developing comprehensive solutions rather than artefacts. We have focused our approach on

  1. working for technologies for women. Women are an under-served market when it comes to technology. At Pink Rickshaw Designs we focus heavily on methodologies and solutions for technologies for women. Design for women is not just about aesthetics: its about understanding the problem domain that women have to deal with and how technology can be better designed to serve them. This represents a huge financial opportunity as well as developmental opportunity.
  2. Technology mediated empowerment of rural communities. Rural communities represent a delicate eco-system which is important and central to any economy. Lately however with rapid urbanisation, development for rural areas has been ignored. In the world where smart cities are becoming fashionable, we at Pink Rickshaw Design have been advocating and developing products for smart villages. The technology development approach has to be customised to fully understand rural communities and empowering them with technologies rather than simply waiting for urban technologies to become cheap enough to reach rural population. Our approach is built around using technologies for empowering rural communities. We immerse ourselves in rural environments to fully understand what is required and then develop solutions that make rural population embrace technology rather than be intimidated by technology.
  3. Intelligent Embedded Technologies. With IOT and widespread availability of AI, there is an opportunity in enabling the next generation of intelligent furniture and objects. We at Pink Rickshaw based on decades of research on collaboration, design and technology are developing solutions that will enable individuals to benefit from products and solutions that enable collaboration, control and communication. Our line of products being developed will allow users to move away from device based computation to ambient computation and collaboration.