HISA Conference 2017 Brisbane Welcomes Pink Rickshaw Design

Dr Kanav Kahol gave the opening keynote at the Health Informatics Society of Australia conference held in Brisbane. Dr Kahol’s talk covered the work done by PRD on developing Internet of Things technologies for rural population. The talk was received by a rousing reception and appreciated by all for its scope, its vision and its applicability to areas beyond India. In fact Dr Kahol was interviewed by Local journalist focusing on rural Australia and talked about immediate connections with our work!. Twitter is abuzz with the work and shots few attached.

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Enter our first IOT product

So over the next few weeks, we would be releasing our product range. We just looked into one of the more amazing things we have made and lets just say it made us feel proud. We would be launching this product soon but be ready for seeing a whole new side of you and the cyber world!

PRD Team

Hindi Keyboard Python


At Pinkrickshaw designs, we like to share important usable information for all developers. In this spirit, We are attaching a hindi keyboard script in python. this system allows a hindi keyboard to be depicted in python and then a textbox to be able to show the results of the typing. One can easily expand on this! this is to all developers and covered under general public use licence.

The code is available here www.pinkrickshawdesign.com/filestoshare/HindiKeyboard.py

Designing for multimodal generation

Back in the day multimedia meant audio and video. Today it includes VR, AR, AI and haptics. It also needs to include how to effectively combine physical medium with the virtual ones. We strongly believe in the tangibility of the physical medium and work towards products that combine both seamlessly. The core is to find a symbiotic existence between the two. Often designers in trying to make virtual like the real, make this parasitic. The key is to understand the positives of each medium and combine them in powerful story telling.

Visit to Meghalaya

Meghalaya state has taken its place amongst many other states and countries as one that is rich not only in natural resources but also having rich cultural and traditional knowledge and practices that are unique. On the invitation of the Meghalaya state government, pink rickshaw designs team visited Meghalaya to advice the government of various technology based initiatives. We spent 7 days in the land of wonder and submitted a report to the government and chief minister. They are now developing a program based on our recommendations for creating a continuous update platform to engage residents of Meghalaya and to encourage and sustain development through technology.

Design for rural: A step up or step down

We at Pink Rickshaw Design are in awe of creativity, ingenuity and sheer tenacity of rural India. We seek to learn from them to develop better product. Whether it is products that encourage and promote enterprise in rural India or increase collaboration amongst women by supporting self help groups, we believe that designers would do well in not imposing urban solutions on rural problems. Rather products and technologies developed for rural India can be far more universal and we hope that designers across the world realise the opportunity that lies in developing products for rural populations